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Our Vision is to satisfy our client and be number one in African courier and logistics market and our Mission is to be a pointer of excellence for African Courier and Logistics services by creating viable solutions that enable businesses and individuals identify their value drivers while blending with ultramodern technologies and sound innovation and our Core Value guides how we behave. It is reflected in how we work and in our relationships with others.

Land Frieight

Our Road Transportation Services
Capital Luxury Logistics offers both unmatched dependability and flexibility with our customized over-the-road trucking solutions. We have access to the equipment and capacity you need, no matter how exceptional your shipment is. Our professionals match your freight with the right vehicle and the right route, with the ability to restructure resources if conditions change. We drive the process from end-to-end while providing a custom solution to meet your needs.

. Flexible, non-asset-based solutions
. Dry van, LTL, refrigerated, flatbed, TOFC
. Short haul regional capacity
. network with local access to global capacity
. Immediate access to spot pricing
. Integrated systems visibility across all your transportation modes

Less-than Truck Load (LTL) – Finding Savings in Your Transportation
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Managing your loads through our LTL service is the perfect way tooptimize your domestic supply chain. Capital Luxury Logistic offers co-load and consolidation LTL services to reduce your cost and improve your distribution pipeline.Bringing experience, creativity and insight to your less-than-truckloadshipping challenges, we step in to coordinate and add value at everyturn.

Services include:

• Seamless account management
• Cross-border LTL services
• Expedited service available

Sea Freight

• Both full container (FCL) and less then full container (LCL) shipping.
• Worldwide reach with service to over 150 countries worldwide.
• Instant online pricing for less then full container (LCL) and Full Container (FCL) currently from UK and USA.
• We offer same day pricing for shipment from Europe and next day pricing for shipment from Asia.
• Max dimensions per piece for Ocean LCL is 317x226x225 cm or 120x89x88in.

Capital Luxury Logistics offers both full container load (FCL) and less than full container (LCL) load shipping services for moving your cargo worldwide to Nigeria (Africa).


Ocean Freight is the least expensive mode for the transport of cargo worldwide. Capital Luxury Logistics offers port to port, door to port, door to door services to over 150 countries worldwide so no matter where you are shipping to or from, we have you covered.

Capital Luxury Logistics is an ocean freight forwarder that services over 150 countries & ports across the globe. We offer both full container load (FCL) and less than full container (LCL)
load shipping services for moving your cargo.

Ocean freight shipping is the least expensive mode for transporting cargo worldwide and no matter where you are shipping, we have you covered!

Our Ocean Freight Shipping Service Covers the Following Areas:

i. (FCL) Full Container Load – FCL Shipping is a cost-effective way to ship large loads and rates are typically lower when shipping a full container load. This is generally defined as 12+ pallets. In addition, FCL shipping usually means that your shipment will be safer because forwarder’s don’t consolidate your load with other items being shipped.

ii. (LCL) Less than Container Load – With LCL shipping, you’ll share a shipping container with other businesses. If you’re shipping a smaller load, LCL can potentially save you money vs. having to pay for an entire container space. Consolidating your goods with other items being shipped can also help you ship faster in certain cases.

iii. Hazardous Materials & Goods – Items such as pharmaceuticals, flammable materials, corrosive substances, batteries, fuel cell engines, gases and explosives are considered dangerous goods that require special care and handling. Capital Luxury Logistics will help ensure your goods are shipped safely in compliance with international regulations.

iv. Loading & Unloading Your Shipments – One important part of shipping cargo involves care & proper handling when loading and unloading. We can ensure that your shipments get from point A to point B safely and without incident.

Air Freight

Shipping by air (via airplane) is the fastest and most efficient way to transport goods domestically & internationally. The trade-off that comes with choosing air freight over ocean freight shipping is that
costs are usually much higher. With that said, our expert team can help you find the most effective air freight transportation for your goods at the best rates. We make it a priority to provide you with all the information needed to complete the shipping process flawlessly from start to finish. We’ll assist with preparation of legal documents and we’ll also ensure a speedy delivery of your goods. With service to over 150 countries worldwide, we provide global coverage and faster delivery times than other modes of transport.

Overview of Airline Delivery:

• Ideal for shipments over 150 pounds and up for less weight check our courier rates.
• Worldwide reach with service to over 150 countries.
• Max dimensions per piece are 317 cm long x 241 cm wide x 297 cm tall|| 125 in. long x 95 in wide x 117 in tall (Varies by destination)
• Offering both Door to Door and Door to Airport service


1. Completion of All Paperwork Required for Exporting & Importing –
Paperwork can be headache. Capital Luxury Logistics will make it easy for you! We ensure that all of the proper documentation is in order for your shipment to get through customs when importing and/or exporting.
2. A Tech-Savvy Digital Approach to Processing Your Shipment – Get in touch to learn more about how we’re using technology and automation to make the shipping process as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. We’re completely rewriting what it means to be a digital freight forwarder. With instant rating and booking based on direct cost calculations for all your logistics requirements from USA and UK to Nigeria (Africa), we can give you live-time rates for your shipping needs!
3. A Trusted & Reputable Shipping Service –Capital Luxury Logistics is a freight forwarding business that started trading in 2015. We re – branded in 2019 to take full advantage of opportunities within and outside Nigeria’s key industrial sectors (Oil and Gas; Marine Offshore; Infrastructure and Power Generation) and has since helped clients with shipments to over 151 countries in collaboration with our global technical associates. We hold active memberships in the World Cargo Alliance (GAA) & more.Please submit the price quote form to see if we can provide you with superior shipping service at the best rate!


Whatever your logistics or destination, CLL has the trailer to suit your needs.
CLL is committed to providing transport solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

That’s why we have a large inventory of well-maintained specialist equipment designed to accommodate practically any cargo type and any loading or discharging environment.

These cargo trailers include (but are not limited to):

• Rigid: A static trailer that can be used when access is restricted.
• Flatbed: A trailer with no sides, allowing for cargo that will not fit or cannot be easily loaded into a standard container. This is typically used for project or out-of-gauge cargo.
• Tipper: A specialized chassis to lift the container up at one end to unload loose cargo.
• Low loader: A trailer with an adjustable deck height allowing for the transportation of particularly tall or heavy cargo.
• Container-lift trailer: A vehicle with equipment capable of lifting containers on and off the trailer.
• Genset trailer: A purpose-built trailer with its own generating equipment designed to provide power for refrigerated containers.

Naturally, CLL also provides our customers with the necessary guidance to determine the appropriate equipment for the safe and secure transport of their cargo. Our intermodal and transport teams around the world will be happy to help recommend the appropriate trailer for individual cargoes, taking into account any physical or environmental considerations at the point of loading or discharge.

Similarly, our out-of-gauge / break bulk teams will provide the necessary expertise to arrange the transport of any oversized cargoes.

Container equipment
In addition to the cargo trailers CLL customers are able to select the perfect container equipment to suit the optimal transport of their cargo. We have a lot of containers in circulation at any one time including:

20ft / 40ft standard and high cube containers.

20ft / 40ft open-top containers.

20ft / 40ft and high cube reefer containers.

20ft / 40ft flaptracks.

20ft / 40ft platforms.

20ft / 40ft open-top containers.

With this equipment strategically positioned around the globe, CLL will have the ideal equipment to suit your cargo – whatever it is, wherever it is.


Warehouse & Distribution

Capital Luxury Logistics Warehousing & Distribution is specialized in loading and unloading containers up to 35 tons. We also handle part-loads, storage, transshipments and special projects. We provide our complete Warehousing & Distribution services from our offices in Akwa Ibom Sate and Lagos Nigeria.

Our Warehousing Services includes:

1. Receiving, storing & shipping
2. Consolidation and de-consolidation
3. Packing, pick-pack, stretch wrapping, labelling
4. Brokerage
5. Tracking & reporting
6. Real-time management
7. Quality process & superior services, and all other required beyond the port services Inland and intermodal transport.

To achieve a complete transport often different modes of transport are used. Through sensitive and intensive management, we make sure the coordination between the various modes of transport will be done as smooth as possible. Depending on the capabilities and your priorities, we can recommend the best options.

Through our global network of road hauliers, we are able to support any national or international need for transport.We work in close cooperation with different terminals, barge and rail operators to offer you the most cost-efficient options.

We offer one-stop-shopping solutions by combining land and ocean transportation.

Custom Solutions

CLL’s extensive knowledge and experience of global Customs clearance procedures can save you time and money. Each item of cargo you are importing or exporting must satisfy official Customs formalities and regulations in order to proceed across international borders.

CLL having worked closely with international Customs authorities for a number of years, our customers benefit from fast, efficient processing of their cargo through border formalities.

How does CLL actually help with Customs clearance?

Many of our global agencies can actually offer an in-house Customs clearance service. This provides an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international cargo without involving any other organisation or regulatory body. These agencies can:

• Provide expert advice and guidance on all necessary procedures and relevant cargo codification.
• Talk you through all the Customs documentation you will need to complete for different cargo types and countries of origin/destination.
• Submit import and export Customs entries on your behalf.
• Authorise some Customs documentation on-site (such as the EUR1 / ATR).
• Provide guidance on likely Customs duty for different cargoes (based on classification code and country of origin with which you provide us).

The benefits of using CLL for Customs clearance

Our Customs clearance services ensure a smooth and transparent transportation process, minimising any unnecessary delays or expense. What’s more, since many of our global network of agencies are AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accredited businesses, our customers benefit from:

• Swifter processing through Customs procedures.
• Reduced risk of Customs intervention for ocean-going shipments.
• Prioritisation over non-AEO businesses where Customs have selected cargo for examination.
• Lower risk score in Customs’ risk management systems.

With our commitment to delivering customer service excellence, at CLL we work hard to make international shipping fast, straightforward and stress-free for you at every stage of the transit


Frequently asked questions

Can I track my shipment online?

Yes, click here to track your parcel online

What are the prohibited Items?

Edible food items, medications, money, herbs, Ammunitions, cheques, live remains etc. (call customer service for more information)

Change of address - the basics

Yes you can pay from anywhere in the world

What is priority mail express?

See list on contact us page; otherwise call customer service to arrange pick up.

How do I know my mailpiece was delivered? : +234-807-846-7589,  +1(708)890-2667

Why is my shipment held / delayed?

Shipment can be held for inspection by government agencies (customs, NDLEA, NAFDAC etc).

Why is my customs duty high?

Customs duty /taxes are calculated by customs and can be revised if a genuine claim for wrong assessment is established.

Why was a wrong HSCODE used for my billing?

Could be a mistake from customs which can be resolved when consignee writes to customs. Please call Customer service for assistance.

My consignment is due today but I have not received, what happened?

My consignment is due today but I have not received, what happened?


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